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Spokane Community College (SCC)  has an "open door" admission policy admitting any high school graduate. SCC also accepts anyone who is at least 18 years old and holds a certificate of educational competence like a GED (General Educational Development)  or who is eligible through the Ability to Benefit program.

Ability to Benefit 

Ability to Benefit (ATB) will allow you to enter college without your high school diploma or GED. Once you have successfully completed six college credits you can access federal financial aid. SCC staff work with you to secure funds to pay for your first six credits. There are many options to qualify for funding. ATB is limited and you must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Prior Running Start student
  • Prior college credits earned at SCC or another institution
  • Appropriate ACCUPLACER scores
  • Meeting one of the approved Adult Basic Education (ABE) courses

To learn more about your possibilities please contact us at SCC Admissions Office, email or call 509-533-8020.


Admissions Policies

  • SCC operates several programs at many locations. Admission is first-come, first-served, so the number of students admitted depends on the number of people programs can accommodate.

  • Some programs require satisfactory completion of certain prerequisites prior to admission or have special selection procedures, so admission to the college does not guarantee acceptance in every program. Take a look at each program for specific application details on our What to Study page.

  • You may enter college at the beginning of any quarter; however, you should be aware that some programs of study may be started only certain quarters.

  • International students should apply through our international students application process.

  • High school students enrolling in a Running Start program should use the Running Start application process.

  • Applications are accepted before the application deadline for every quarter.

Residency Status for Admissions

Your residency status (Washington state resident vs. non-resident) determines your tuition and fees. Visit our tuition and fees page to see costs associated with your residency status.

Criteria for Washington State Residents

In order to enroll as a Washington state resident, you must be financially independent and have established a real home in Washington state (for other than primarily educational purposes) for one year immediately prior to the first day of the academic quarter.

Another option is to be financially dependent and one or both parents have a permanent home in Washington state for a period of one year immediately prior to the first day of the academic quarter.

Are you a Washington resident who has been out of Washington state for educational purposes only? You may qualify for a Change of Residency Status.

Two students smiling in the fall st SFCC.
Determining Your Residency Status
If you do not qualify for in-state residency or you're unsure about your residency status, take a look at our residency status page where we talk about the difference between independent vs dependent, non-citizen, active military and veterans.