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Testing for Students with Authorized Accommodations

The Testing Center provides testing for students with authorized testing accommodations as determined by the SCC Disability Access Services (DAS) Office.

For Students

  1. Students must first establish authorized accommodations for testing through SCC Disability Access Services. You must renew your accommodations with Disability Access Services quarterly.
  2. DAS will direct students with authorized testing accommodations to the Testing Center website for scheduling procedures and information.
  3. Students wishing to schedule in the Testing Center must complete a proctoring request form for each test. Please do so by clicking on the Schedule My Test button below.
  4. Alternatively, students may visit the Testing Center to set up all their testing dates in advance. Be sure to bring your syllabus for each class.
  5. Submit your testing requests as soon as possible in the quarter to give your instructor time to send the test(s) to the Testing Center before your testing date(s). Submit your requests at least one week in advance. If you submit your request less than two business days in advance you may be denied an appointment at your requested time.
  6. Once tests are scheduled it is the student's responsibility to notify their instructors of their testing location, date(s) and time(s).
  7. Students are responsible for checking with the Testing Center prior to the testing date to ensure the exam has been delivered.
  8. When checking in to take a test, let the staff know that you have testing accommodations. The Testing Center will verify accommodations with the DAS office. Only authorized and current accommodations will be implemented.

For Faculty

  • It is the student's responsibility to communicate with their instructors regarding their testing location, date(s) and time(s).

  • When your student with testing accommodations has scheduled at the Testing Center, you will receive an email from the Testing Center with instructions for submitting the test and indicating the time and date of the student’s appointment. If your student schedules multiple tests, you will receive one email. Please use the button below to submit the appropriate test and proctoring information. Do not submit the test to the DAS Office.

  • This button is only to be used to submit tests for students using testing accommodations. Do not use this button to submit any other tests to the Testing Center.

  • Computer-based exams: We only proctor web-based exams. We are not able to download and install software. Due to constant changes in technology, we are unable to guarantee that particular online exams can be proctored on our computers. If you are using products other than MyLab and Mastering, McGraw-Hill Connect, or Canvas, extra time may be needed for us to test the product on our computers and resolve any technical issues. Call 509-533-7074 to determine if we have tested your chosen product on our testing stations.