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Who Needs Placement?

At Spokane Community College (SCC), some programs require placement exams or skills assessment, while others do not. To find out if your program requires placement testing, view our Placement Requirements Dashboard, or contact us at 509-533-7074 or or

Being placed in the right classes early in your college career makes it more likely you will successfully complete your degree or program. At the Placement and Testing Center, we help you begin your studies at SCC in classes that aren't too hard or too easy.

illustration of a man infront of an oversized test and a stack of books

Complete Your English Placement

without testing, without coming to campus

SCC uses a directed self-placement tool to help students decide which English class is best for them. You can complete your directed self-placement online.



Complete Your Math Placement

without testing, without coming to campus


Are you a current high school student or did you graduate from high school in 2018 or later?

  • We will evaluate your transcript for math placement based on your grades in math classes and your GPA. You will receive an email telling you your next steps. There is a $15 fee for evaluation.
  • You can email your transcript to

Have you taken a placement test at another college in the last three years?

  • Email your placement report to You will receive an email from the Testing Center telling you your equivalent placement at SCC.

Have you successfully completed a math class at another college in the last three years?

 If none of these options apply to you . . .

don’t worry! Contact the Placement and Testing Center at Our staff will connect you with a math instructor who will talk to you about your goals and your math experience to determine which class you should take.

Math Placement FAQs

Placement isn't about what you don't know or what you are capable of knowing; it's about discovering your best path. With that information, and guidance from our curriculum advisors and counselors, you learn what you need to do next to achieve your goals.