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Our Mission

The SCC counseling department promotes student success and development by providing personal, educational and career counseling services for our students, using a holistic student-centered approach. In partnership with students, faculty, staff, administration and our community, Counselors seek opportunities to be collaborative, supportive and empower student self-efficacy. We are committed to continually enhancing equity, inclusion, and social justice; removing systemic barriers that adversely impact students.

When to see a Counselor

Counselors at SCC are here to help you achieve success in your education goals, whether you are seeking a 2-year AAS degree or a transfer-degree to a 4-year university, or a certificate in many of our technical education programs. SCC counselors are here to help with:

  • Academic Advising

  • Academic Plans & Educational Plans

  • Academic Probation or Suspension

  • Career Guidance

  • Mental Health Counseling

  • Programs & Degrees

  • Transcripts

  • Transfer Degrees

  • Transferable Credits

How to see a Counselor

We have three ways for you to meet with a Counselor: In-person at the Counseling Center located in Building 1, room 1-B102; virtually via ZOOM; or by telephone.  Call the Counseling Center at 509-533-8400 to schedule an appointment. Counselors will meet you In-Person, via Zoom, or by Phone Call.

Quick Response 

Have an urgent need, or a simple question?  Call the Counseling Center at 509-533-8400 and we will place you on a call list. The first available Counselor will call you, usually within 24-48 hours.

Drop By 

Representatives at the front desk will greet you and help you schedule an appointment with the right Counselor.  The Counseling Center in located in Building 1, Room 1-B102 on the main campus

Not Sure? 

Not sure if you need to see a Counselor or another professional on campus?  Call Bigfoot Central at 509-533-8400. Our Customer Service Specialists will guide you to the campus professional who can best address your needs:

  • Admissions & Registration
  • Enrolling in Classes
  • Financial Aid
  • Graduation Application

Note: Students enrolled at Spokane Falls Community College (“SFCC”), should contact the SFCC Counselors at or visit their counseling webpage.

Contact Us

Please select the program you are interested in to find the Counselor who can help you with that program. You will find a selection of Counselors who specialize in that program, and a Calendly link where you can schedule your own appointment, if one is provided by the counselor.

Please note: In person, phone and virtual meetings can be scheduled by calling the Counseling Center Front Desk at 509-533-8400.

Next Steps

Do You Have Big Career and Educational Aspirations?

Make sure you get there on-time and on-budget by creating an educational plan. The best way to ensure your success is to map your time here at SCC and work with a counselor to get the classes you need, when you need them. On this page we've collected a series of tools that can help you map out your educational plan.

Class Search

Are you wondering which classes are currently offered? Use the Class Search to see when classes are scheduled, where they are held and who the instructors are. 

Create an Education Plan - How to Use My Planner in ctcLink

Current students can access the My Planner tool inside their ctcLink account to create a personal roadmap of the courses. Start by logging in to ctcLink and use the instructions available for details on how to set up your plan. 

Transfer Degree Plans

The SCC Degree Plans outline which classes are required for various transfer degrees. Degree plans are available for specific degrees that can be completed at Eastern Washington University, Gonzaga University, University of Idaho, Whitworth University and Washington State University.

Important Dates and Deadlines

The academic calendar shows important dates like tuition, graduation, registration deadlines, holidays and events.