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Tutoring Centers are open, and follow all approved health and safety guidelines to prevent the spread of COVID-19

Tutoring Options:

  1. Visit the tutoring centers for computer and printer use and help with navigating tutoring resources. SCC tutoring centers follow all approved health and safety guidelines.
  2. Some classes will have embedded tutors through Canvas, check with your instructor to see if your class has one.
  3. eTutoring is available to all SCC students for online tutoring. Login through the tutoring webpage or directly: Extended hours, weekends and holiday availability.

All tutors at Spokane Community College receive College Reading and Learning Association (CRLA) approved tutor training and are required to earn Level 1 International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC) within their first two quarters.

CRLA - College Reading & Learning Association

Are you interested in becoming a peer tutor? You must meet the following criteria in order to become a tutor:

  • Have 3.3 GPA (A or B+) or above in the subject in which you want to tutor.
  • Get a recommendation from the instructor you had for the subject area you want to tutor.
  • Submit a Resume and Cover letter.
  • Interview with Tutoring Services Manager or Program Support Supervisor.

Faculty, if you know of a student who would be a great tutor, contact us!

You can submit all your materials to Ellie Reiboldt via email or call 509-533-7329 with questions.