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How to Pay for College

How to Pay for College

Office of Financial Aid

Important News regarding the 2024-2025 FAFSA®

File your FAFSA® The 2024-2025 FAFSA and WASFA applications are now available! If you plan to attend in Summer or Fall 2024, complete your 2024-2025 FAFSA or WASFA application today!

We are now processing financial aid for all students who submitted a FAFSA for Summer quarter. Please know our team is hard at work preparing your funding as quickly as they can. Please monitor your ctcLink for more up to date information. Summer aid applicants enrolled in summer classes will be prioritized.


Here is what you need to know:

  • You might not get your financial aid funds before the tuition deadline – but don’t panic. We will not be dropping students for non-payment for summer quarter.
  • You still will be responsible for your tuition eventually, but we are giving students extra time because of financial aid distribution delays.
  • If you have submitted your 2024-2025 FAFSA, please know that our team is hard at work to prepare your funding as quickly as they can after receiving your information included in your FAFSA.
  • If you are interested in financial aid as a funding source for your summer quarter tuition and fees, but have not yet submitted a 24-25 FAFSA, please do so as soon as possible.
  • If you are not planning to apply for financial aid and will be self-paying for summer quarter tuition/fees, please pay your tuition in full as close to the June 6 deadline as possible.
    • Unpaid account balances can result in negative repercussions such as enrollment blocks for future quarters.
  • Email to All Summer Students June 6
  • Email to All Current and Future Students June 7


Changes in Financial Aid Office Hours:

The Financial Aid offices will be closed Monday, June 24 - Friday, June 28th.  We will resume normal hours on Monday, July 1, 2024.


Check Your FAFSA® status at 

The delays in the new FAFSA® process will affect our review of your eligibility.

It means that we will not receive your application, see any of your submitted FAFSA information, or be able to advise on financial aid eligibility until a later date (currently estimated for some time in June 2024).

It is important that you file your FAFSA® and regularly check back on its status to make any corrections. Check your FAFSA® summary to see if there are messages and respond appropriately.

If you want help completing your FAFSA®, plan to attend one of the upcoming financial aid nights hosted by our college or community organizations.

Need one-on-one FAFSA/WASFA® completion assistance?

Our Financial Aid Team is here, book an appointment today for assistance.

Book FAFSA®/WASFA Appointment


Summer 2024 registration 

Please know we are here for you and are actively seeking solutions to help those registering for Summer 2024 classes with holistic support. Our goal is to be as timely and transparent as possible and will provide you with regular updates when available.

We are focusing our assistance on two areas: basic needs, as well as tuition and fees.


Tuition and fees 

The college is committed to not dropping students for Summer 2024 for non-payment for those who have filed their 2024-25 FAFSA®. This would allow us to apply your awarded financial aid to your balance. You would remain responsible for your out-of-pocket account balance.


Basic needs

The college and the district are working to develop funding that could assist students in need. We are still exploring a variety of options, including emergency grants, that would help you to meet your basic needs during Summer 2024.


Application Processing 

We will begin processing FAFSAs in mid-June. If any information is needed before we can determine your eligibility, we will contact you at the email address you have listed in ctcLink to let you know.

Alternate Funding Resources

Three SCC Students walking down the hallway toward the camera.
2024-2025 FAFSA® Changes

This page provides a detailed review of why the FAFSA® is being updated, what are the changes to the application, and what students and their families can do while waiting for the application to open. Please click on the link provided down below in order to access this information.

Two students sitting at a round table studying. Each has a laptop sitting in front of them.
FAQs for Students, Families, & Staff

GOT QUESTIONS? We’ve got you covered! For more information regarding questions students, families, and our campus partners may have about what to expect with the upcoming FAFSA® process, please click on the link provided right below.

Federal School Code: 003793

Use this code for your FAFSA if you attend school at SCC, Colville, Newport, Inchelium or Republic.

Stay on track with priority federal funding


Important Dates and Deadlines

FAFSA Opens Annually

(for the upcoming academic year)

December 2023

FAFSA Closes Annually

(for the current academic year)

June 30

Priority Funding Deadline


Tuition Due Dates

Foundation Scholarships

  January 17 – March 17, 2023.


Keep Your Email Up-To-Date

The financial aid office sends you information at the email address used to create your student account in ctcLink. Log in to ctcLink to change your information.
Check your ctcLink Student Homepage for a Tuition Due Date Extension.

FAFSA: Apply for Aid

When completing the FAFSA application, please remember to use the Aid Year Application that corresponds to the school year you wish to begin attendance. If you have any questions as to which FAFSA to complete, please contact the financial aid office. 
Financial Aid Funds are not disbursed until the first day of school.

Contact the Financial Aid Office


1810 N Greene Street, MS 2152
Spokane, WA 99217-5399
Building 15 at the Center Island

Phone: 509-533-7017
Fax: 509-533-7425