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Outreach and Recruitment

Outreach and Recruitment

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SCC’s Outreach and Recruitment team is here to help students of all ages discover their path to higher education! Whether you are new to Spokane, new to SCC, or anything in between, we are here to support you. Our goal is to be your go-to resource for all things before you start class.

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Have questions? Connect with our Team!

  • Ramona Barhorst
    Ramona Barhorst
    Student Recruitment Mgr
  • Guillermo Espinosa
    Guillermo Espinosa
    Assoc Dean K12 Prtshp/Outreach
    B.A., Gonzaga University
  • Nicci Gooch
    Nicci Gooch
    Campus Visit Supervisor
  • Duncun Krop
    Duncun Krop
    Community Outreach Manager
  • Brandi Maynard
    Brandi Maynard
    Wkfrc Recruitment Manager

Want to be a Student Ambassador?

Student ambassadors are often the first people future students and the public meet at the community colleges.
They answer questions over the phone and email, provide meaningful campus tours, guide prospective students through the enrollment process, and inform prospective students about programs. Ambassadors get experience working in a customer service role while stepping up their role as a student leader on campus.  

Reasons to be a Student Ambassador

  • Social and public speaking skills developed.
  • Resume builder and networking opportunities.
  • Set hours. We work around your class schedule.
  • You get paid.
  • Easy commute between work and classes.
  • Support students in need of enrollment questions.