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The Teaching and Learning Center (TLC) convenes several Communities of Practice (CoPs) each quarter. Some are recurring and others are offered only once, so keep your eyes out for information about upcoming CoPs. Recent special topics include Equity Mindedness, Holistic Student Support, Transparent Assignment Design, Ungrading and more.

Three CoPs are offered every quarter, including:

  • Adjunct Faculty Learning Community: This group is designed specifically to support adjunct faculty at SCC – both new and returning adjuncts are invited to participate. Come with your questions, ideas, and concerns, or just to meet your colleagues.
  • Tenure Track Group: If you are tenure-track faculty SCC, join a group to learn more about college processes, classroom issues and anything connected to student success. The facilitators are Bill Rambo and Angela Rasmussen.
  • Book Discussions: All faculty, staff and administrators are welcome to join the group discussing one book each quarter. Look for TLC emails at the start of each quarter about specific book titles and meeting schedules. Thanks to college support, a limited number of free books are available for participants.

CoP events and schedules are included in the weekly TLC email, and everyone is welcome to join.