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The Adjunct Faculty Learning Community

While all faculty and staff are welcome at all TLC events, there is a program geared specifically for adjunct faculty. Typically, the Adjunct Faculty Learning Community (or Adjunct FLC) gathers adjuncts from across the college, engaging in ongoing discussion and professional learning. The TLC's goal is to convene the group several times during each quarter to address topics unique to contingent faculty. Both new and returning adjunct faculty are invited to participate, and dates for the meetings are sent out with the weekly email. For more information, contact the group’s facilitators or Angela Rasmussen at


Thanks to college support, currently-employed adjunct faculty participation at TLC-sponsored events is supported with small stipends. Adjunct faculty earn a maximum quarterly stipend up to $180 for attending TLC programming. This allows for paid participation in up to six TLC events, compensated at $30/event. All adjunct faculty attending TLC events will be reviewed for eligibility and contacted if they do not qualify.

To receive stipends, all faculty need to do is complete a quarterly Affiliated Stipend form (sent by the TLC coordinator after each event) and sign in/login at each event. Zoom participation is also eligible - just make sure that your name is clear with your login. Stipends are paid at the end of the quarter, and the coordinator will contact all individuals eligible for stipends to confirm the amount near the end of the quarter. Please direct any questions to TLC coordinator.