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The goal of the TLC is to support your work in the classroom. To be an effective teacher, you need to be a disciplinary expert; however, it doesn’t stop there. We also need an understanding of teaching and learning principles because we teach people - not just a discipline. 

The TLC offers special support to new faculty. For people new to SCC, there is a New Faculty Meeting in September before the start of the quarter. Both full- and part-time faculty are invited to attend, and this all-day event connects new faculty to resources and shares high-impact teaching approaches. Additionally, there are events early in the quarter geared to get people started on the right track, covering building syllabi, designing assignments, and assessing student work. These learning opportunities are repeated every quarter, and several of the topics are also covered in on-demand Canvas training available online. Look for more details in the weekly TLC email. Finally, you are welcome to request individual consultations on any topic that you would like to explore with the help and resources of the TLC.