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Spokane Community College believes that you should graduate with the knowledge, skills, and abilities that further your educational goals, increasing your value in the workforce and contributing to a vibrant community.
Each of our certificate and degree programs has program learning outcomes that define the skills you will have acquired when you graduate from SCC. Additionally, if you are completing one of our degree programs, you will demonstrate mastery of these five Key Literacies:

Applied Content Literacy

Students will develop knowledge, skills, and abilities in all transfer distribution areas or program elements/areas. Students will build a foundation of information relevant to their program or focus of study while increasing knowledge and competency in their chosen field.

Communication Literacy

Students will develop the ability to create meaning and make connections between themselves and their audience, incorporating awareness of the social nature of communication, including, but not limited to, the impact of ethnicity, age, culture, gender, sexual orientation, and ability on communication styles and results. Students will learn to listen, read, speak, and write effectively using a variety of mediums and modalities.

Information Literacy

Students will develop knowledge and abilities allowing them to identify, locate, and evaluate information pertaining to the problem under consideration. Students will learn how to responsibly research, use, share, and produce accurate, relevant information gleaned through skilled research methods.

Intercultural Literacy

Students will develop an intersectional understanding of modern social realities, which will help enable effective participation and communication in cross-cultural professional, academic, and social settings. This may include, but is not limited to, biological sex, gender identity, socio-economic status, race, sexual orientation, religion, country and culture of origin, and political stance.

Quantitative Literacy

Students will develop and expand the ability to understand numeric information through the gathering, examination, modeling, manipulation, analysis, interpretation, and representation of quantitative and/or scientific data.

For any questions about the key literacies or assessment at SCC please contact one of our assessment coordinators: Stacy Kowtko, and Tim Roe,