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The Art Wall at Spokane Community College Library

In envisioning the art wall at Spokane Community College Library, the Diversity, Equity, and Global Awareness (DEGA) Committee aspires to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive space which celebrates the richness of diversity within our community. The art wall is an example of the college community's commitment to fostering an environment that actively supports and promotes artists from diverse backgrounds and identities. DEGA aims to provide a platform for voices that have been historically marginalized with this showcase of art, amplifying their narratives and perspectives. This curated collection serves not only as an inspiring source of visual art but also as a catalyst for meaningful conversations and connections. By championing diversity through artistic expression, the art wall becomes a dynamic reflection of the varied experiences that make up the fabric of our community, fostering a sense of belonging and appreciation for the multiplicity of human stories.

View of Spokane Community College’s library art wall. The art wall is empty in the photo.


The Art Wall is open to artists using any medium.

Want to post QR codes to invite observers into an immersive/interactive experience? Go for it!

Want to share an interactive or 3D piece? Go for it!

Want to display poetry or pages from your latest fiction work? Go for it!


Artists are responsible for the installation and de-installation of their work.

The art wall is 18 feet 4.5 inches long by 10 feet 11 inches tall.

The installation system for the Library Art Wall is a STAS multirail picture hanging system. There are 15 steel cables that snap into the rail at the top of the wall and 30 hooks that can be positioned at any point along the cables to hang work. The cables and hooks can be spaced and positioned however an artist would like. Multiple hooks can be placed on each cable so that work can be displayed at various heights. Each cable can support a maximum of 44 pounds. Hooks can be attached to multiple cables to support heavier works. However, the rail itself can only support a maximum of 99.21 pounds per 39.25” of rail.

Interested in displaying your art?

  1. Review and sign the Policy on Exhibit Spaces
  2. Complete and sign the Library Art Wall Application
  3. Email the following items to
    1. Signed "Policy on Exhibit Spaces"
    2. Completed and signed "Library Art Wall Application"
    3. A brief written biography describing your background, philosophy, and purpose
    4. A brief statement describing how your art fits the vision of the SCC Library Art Wall (as described above) and champions diversity.
    5. Samples of 3-5 works of art you plan to display.
  4. You will be contacted within 7 business days of application submission regarding next steps.
  5. Please note: artists are responsible for the installation and de-installation of their work.

History of the Art Wall

The initial idea of the Art Wall was conceived by the DEGA Committee in Spring 2023. The project was initiated by the DEGA “Welcoming and Inclusive Environment” subcommittee under with the following goal in mind: “ensure that SCC campus facilities and environments are reflective of the campus population, responsive to student needs, and honor a commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion.” The Art Wall and its display technology was installed in Fall 2023.


Contact Jason Stariwat at or 509-533-7498.