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Academic Standards Policy

Community Colleges of Spokane's Academic Standards Policy is intended to support a successful learning experience for all students. Students enrolled in degree or certificate programs are expected to demonstrate satisfactory academic progress as defined by the following general policy requirements:

  • Minimum Grade Point Average: Students must achieve and maintain the required grade point average.
  • Degree/Certificate Completion: Students should complete the degree or certificate within the maximum credit limit.

Community Colleges of Spokane recognizes the unique and diverse backgrounds and needs of students, and while all students are held to the same level of academic excellence, students with special circumstances may petition for special consideration. Students enrolled in special programs are also required to follow the requirements specified by their funding agency. In addition, students receiving federal and/or state financial aid must follow the Financial Aid Satisfactory Progress Policies.


Minimum Grade Point Average

All enrolled students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or better.

Students whose cumulative grade point average falls below a 2.0 are notified of progressive action, to include warning, probation and suspension.

Degree/Certificate Completion

A student who is enrolled in a degree or certificate program must complete the program in at least 125 percent of the program's credit requirements. A student in a degree or certificate program may not take college-level courses in excess of 150 percent of the credits needed to complete the degree or certificate. For the purposes of this policy, 90 credits will be assumed to be the program length unless otherwise indicated.

Class Attendance

Students are expected to attend all classes and laboratories. If absent due to illness or other unavoidable reasons, the student should contact instructors.