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Earn College Credit in High School

High school juniors and seniors explore the benefits of our Running Start. Earn college and high school credits concurrently with up to 21 tuition-free credits each quarter*. Attend regular SCC classes on our campus, choosing between full-time or part-time options that complement your high school schedule. Elevate your education seamlessly with our program!

*Students are responsible for quarterly course fees and books. Low-income students can waive most fees with a reduced lunch eligibility document/letter from the past five years.

Connect with Us!                How to Enroll
Running Start student smiling.

Is Running Start for you?

Enroll now if you're eager to:

Unleash Your Brainpower. Dive into an intellectual adventure that propels you through more material in an 11-13 week quarter than a standard high school sememster.
Supercharge Your Study Skills. Dedicate a minimum of two hours of prep and study for each credit hour and watch your academic prowess soar.
Speak Your Mind. Jump into open dialogues on fascinating and thought-provoking topics, creating a unique and open learning space.
Master Your Destiny. Embrace the responsibility of managing your time, adhering to the college code of conduct, and addressing issues directly with instructors. Remember, under Family Educatinal Rights Privacy Act (FERPA), your student records are confidential, and parents cannot contact instructors on your behalf.

Who is eligible?

Public High School Students (10th Grade and Above)

If you're currently enrolled in a Washington State public high school and are a Junior or Senior, you meet our criteria.

Private and Home-Schooled Students

For those in private or home schooling, simply enroll in your district's public high school. Attendance at your public high school is not mandatory for eligibility. Your unique educational path is welcome here.

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Seize Your Opportunity: Applications Now Open!

Explore academic possibilities and chart your course towards success—applications are currently open for the Spring, Summer, and Fall quarters. Join us on your journey of knowledge and growth Apply Now.