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Men's soccer team on a penalty kick. Men's soccer team on a penalty kick.

Just Take a Class

There are many reasons why you might want to take a single class or a few classes at Spokane Community College (SCC). University students can save money and finish faster with extra summer, night or online classes at SCC. Or maybe you heard about our ACT 2 program, which offers affordable classes for people in, or getting close to, retirement. Get all the details here.

Quick Admit

Credit Classes for Nondegree Seeking Students

Are you a current student at a university looking for summer school or specific transferable courses? Our Quick Admit process allows qualified students to bypass some of our regular admissions processes, including placement testing. 

If you are a non-degree seeking student looking for credit classes and self-pay, you may be eligible for our Quick Admit process. 

Please note that the Quick Admit process can only be used once.

Other Types of Classes

Take a look at some of the noncredit classes we offer.

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Older couple working at the table together.
Four health care workers in a hospital
Seniors practicing Tai Chi in a park
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