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Male reading in SCC library stacks. Male reading in SCC library stacks.

Financial Aid 101

Learn About Financial Aid

Are you ready to start or continue your college education? We can help you get there. Regardless of your background, there is money you can apply for that may cover your tuition and living expenses, allowing you to focus on your studies. In the content below, we’ll guide you through the important details you need to know. Then we’ll point you in the right direction to get started.

What is Financial Aid? – Sources of Aid

You’ve probably heard the term "financial aid" and you likely know if you need it. We provide some answers and help you figure out your options for financing your education.

Federal Student Aid and FAFSA Guide

Most students utilize some form of federal student financial aid, the most common way of financing your education. Learn about the application process and timeline using the FAFSA Guide.

Am I Eligible?

Not sure what of type of aid is right for you? Click here to explore eligibility requirements and what types of aid to pursue.

Applying for Aid

Are you ready to apply? Take a look at our financial aid applications page, where we outline the steps to apply.

Check Your Aid Status: Accessing Your Student Account – ctcLink

After you complete your general application to attend SCC, you will receive a letter or email detailing your next steps for registration, your student ID number (ctcLink ID) and access to your ctcLink account. This is where you can update your student account information.

Paying Your Tuition and Payment Plans

Your financial aid is applied to your tuition automatically. Depending on the amount of aid you receive, you may be eligible for a financial aid refund or you may need to pay your remaining balance.

Receiving Your Money

You will receive your funds through your selected refund preference with BankMobile on or after the first day of the quarter. Take a look at the options available for receiving your money.

Consumer Information and Important Links

Many of the financial aid resources we reference are available in detail on sites like and Take a look at our list of important links, consumer information and resources for financial aid.

Federal Aid Availability for Study Abroad

Students who seek to enroll in study abroad programs which have been approved for credit by Spokane Community College may be eligible to receive federal student aid. Students should contact the financial aid office for more information.