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The amount students pay to attend Spokane Community College is based the current tuition and fees set by the Washington State Legislature and the Community College of Spokane. Tuition costs are explained here: how much does it cost?

What Are Fees?

Tuition and fees, as defined by the Washington Legislature, includes operating fees, building fees, student services and activities fees. In addition to “tuition,” students are required to pay the following fees:

Fee Amount
Registration Fee $20 per quarter
Technology Fee $4.00 per credit up to $40 per quarter
(supports the purchase of classroom equipment)
Comprehensive Fee $40.00 per quarter
($15 Elearning/Canvas)
($10 printing)
($8 Library)
($5 Graduation)
($2 Fitness Center)
Bus Pass Fee $22.00 per quarter
(provides unlimited access on STA)
Student Health Clinic $12.00 per quarter
(Note: Prior to fall 2021, the SHC was part of the comprehensive fee allocation above and was $6 per quarter. The increase and separation were approved in spring 2021.)

The fees above have been adopted by the CCS Board of Trustees based on recommendations from the Associated Student Government, who has been empowered to make such recommendations.

Other Fees and Program Specific Fees

Beyond the general student fees associated with enrollment at SCC, students may be subject to placement testing fees, transcript request fees, tuition installment payment plan fees and program specific fees.

Some programs and courses require additional fees including lab fees, Washington State Patrol background check fee, liability insurance for certain programs and more. Be sure to check your chosen area of study for specific fee information.

Other fees for campus services such as I.D. card replacement, printing on-campus, transcripts fees, parking passes and fines may apply.

How Are Fees Created?

Most fees are created by a vote from the student body. These votes are orchestrated by the SCC student government. Other fees are assesed according to the CCS policies and procedures.