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If you are looking for some writing tutoring assistance, there are three options you can do during Spring Quarter 2020.

Option 1: Email in your draft along with your assignment sheet and/or grading rubric to We will require you to submit both attachments, plus a short description of what you feel you need help with. You may have even received a note from your instructor on what needs work, send that in with your draft as well. The more information we have, the better we can assist. It will take up to a 48 hour turn around time to get feedback on your draft, submit early.

Option 2: if you wish to meet with a writing tutor to discuss your assignment, or any feedback given on a draft, you can schedule an appointment via accudemia. Go back to the main tutoring webpage and select “make tutoring appointment”, follow the video to see how to make an appointment.

Option 3: You can still submit and use etutoring online as an option. The etutoring website is located on our main page and selecting “online tutoring resources” and from there, you login to etutoring and submit your draft. A writing tutor will look over your draft and return it within 48 hours.

Below you will find links to a writing tool kit put together by SCC writing tutors to helps students throughout the writing process.

Writing Toolkit

Are you looking for a few quick tips on commas or semicolons? Maybe you are not sure how to begin organizing a writing assignment? Tutoring services offers an online Writing Toolkit that answers to common writing questions.

Grammar Guides

Punctuation Guides

Essay Writing Guides

Useful Resources

Non-Native English Tools

Practice Tests