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New Student Orientation

What is New Student Orientation (NSO)?

Complete the online NSO, where we guide you through your next steps after your application and admission, provide you with important information, and get you ready to register for your classes.

What Do We Do at NSO?

  • Learn about campus and culture.

  • Explore career options and how to study towards a goal.

  • Learn about online resources, forms and deadlines.

  • Schedule an Academic Advising Session.

  • Understand and get ready for registration.

How Do I Complete an NSO?

  1. Watch your email for the link to get started within a few days of filling out the online application. The link takes you to a website called Canvas. This is the same place where you complete any online classes you register for at SCC.

  2. You should plan approximately 30 minutes to complete the online NSO.

  3. For questions, call New Student Orientation at 509-533-8668