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Peace Studies

Peace Studies

Earn an Optional Achievement Certificate

By completing 10-15 credits of Peace Studies designated courses, students can build their peacemaking skills while completing standard coursework for their degree.

Pillars of Peace

Peace Studies designated courses incorporate one or more of the following Pillars of Peace into their curriculum.

  • Peacemaking & Social Justice
  • Compromise & Pragmatic Conflict Resolution
  • Global Community & Interdependency
  • Listen, Understand & Empathize
  • Economic Justice
  • Critical Thinking & Creative Problem Solving

Peace Studies Courses

These courses are designed to develop your conflict resolution skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills while expanding global thinking skills and respect for diversity.

Discover a new perspective at Spokane Community College, where we're uniting to promote peace in our daily lives, classrooms, and community. The Peace Studies Program offers students the chance to delve into various aspects of peace theory and practice, seamlessly integrated into regular coursework across disciplines.

Introducing the Institute for Peace, a central space at SCC where ideas, resources, and innovation meet. This space is open for faculty, students, and staff to participate in the study and practical application of peace education. Join us in building a culture of peace and understanding.

With over 80 course options and 60 participating faculty from across campus, most students will find they can easily incorporate Peace Studies designated courses into their required coursework.

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For more information contact Director of Peace Studies, Angela Wizner,