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The Natural World

Learn about the study and care of the earth as you work toward a variety of career fields in agriculture, horticulture, natural resource management, geology, geography and landscaping.

Programs and Courses

Agriculture Area of Study

  • Agriculture Business - AAS

  • Agriculture Technology - AAS

  • Agriculture Business - Certificate

  • Agriculture Technology - Certificate

  • Spray Technician - Certificate

Arboriculture/Urban Forestry Area of Study

  • Arboriculture/Urban Forestry - AAS

  • Arboriculture/Urban Forestry - Certificate

Astronomy Area of Study

  • Associate in Arts-Direct Transfer Agreement

Environmental/Resource Sciences Area of Study

  • Associate In Science Transfer (Track 1) Biological Sciences, Environmental /Resource Sciences,Chemistry, Geology, and Earth Science Degree

Geography Area of Study

  • Geography Pre-Major - AA/DTA

Geology Area of Study

  • Geology Pre-Major - AA/DTA

  • Geology Pre-Major - AS/T1

Greenhouse/Nursery Management Area of Study

  • Greenhouse/Nursery - AAS

  • Greenhouse/Nursery - Certificate

  • Small Farm Production - AAS

  • Small Farm Production - Certificate

Landscape Management Area of Study

  • Landscape Management - AAS

  • Landscape Management - Certificate

Natural Resource Management Area of Study

  • Natural Resource Management - AAS

  • Natural Resource Technologies in Geographic Information Systems - Certificate

  • Parks and Recreation Option - AAS

  • Wildlife/Fisheries Option - AAS

Greenhouse/Nursery Management Area of Study

  • Small Farm Production - AAS

  • Small Farm Production - Certificate

Water Science Area of Study

  • Water Science - AAS

  • Water and Wastewater Operations - Certificate

Possible Careers

Landscape designer
Landscape architect
Plant breeder
Natural resources specialist
Spray technician
Water resources management specialist
Irrigation Specialist