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Whether you are looking to enter the job market, or retrain for a new career, the Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.) in Business will build your knowledge of various aspects of business management.

Within this two-year program, you’ll have the flexibility to select from two degree options or specialize in a particular area of business such as entrepreneurship, marketing, or management.

Certificates are available in the following areas of interest: Entrepreneurship, Project Management, Management, Business Occupations.

Graduates with a Business A.A.S. pursue a variety of careers, such as: bank clerk, credit clerk, general office clerk, loan application clerk, management trainee, sales, distribution, customer service, and information input specialist. Salaries in Spokane are competitive and increase depending on an individual's skills, experience, motivation, attitude, and ability to interview and promote oneself to employers.

The Business A.A.S. requires a minimum of 92 credit hours.

Associate in Business DTA/MRP degree

We also offer an Associate in Business DTA/MRP degree. This a statewide articulated transfer degree agreement for business majors between the community colleges and most four-year institutions in the state of Washington. A candidate for the Associate in Business degree must complete a minimum of 90 quarter credits in academic courses numbered 100 or above with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.0 and meet specific distribution requirements.

  • Understand the project initiation, planning, execution, monitoring and controlling, and closing phases of managing projects in a variety of business and industry positions.
  • Through case study analysis, create a project plan and schedule; allocate and manage project resources and costs; manage human resources and communications; monitor, control and modify projects; produce project reports; and perform close-out project evaluations.
  • Understand and develop leadership and teambuilding skills as they pertain to project management and day-to-day business operations.
  • Utilize information technology and computer applications as tools to manage and control project tasks, communication, costs, scheduling, and quality.
  • Increase job skills for entry-level employment as well as career advancement.

Breaking Ground on Your Pathway


Math placement is not required for this program.
English placement is not required for this program.

Plan Your Courses

Meet with our counselors to customize this plan just for you. You can also search the quarterly schedule for class days and times.

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Total Program Credits: 15

Program Courses

First Quarter

Course ID
Course Title
CATT 241
Microsoft Project  
MMGT 243
Fundamentals of Project Management  
MMGT 244
Introduction to Lean Six Sigma  
MMGT 256
Lean Leadership  
Total Credits
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Costs for completing a degree or certificate can vary. For more information about costs, visit our How Much Does it Cost? page.

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