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Students performing a mock surgery at SCC. Students performing a mock surgery at SCC.


Healthcare is one of the most consistently in-demand industries, with a strong projected growth rate and a broad range of rewarding career opportunities. Spokane Community College’s (SCC) healthcare programs offer associate of science, bachelor of science and transfer degrees for those who want to transfer to a four-year university. If you’re interested in a fulfilling, fruitful career in the healthcare industry, this track may be right for you.

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Careers in Healthcare

Medical assistant
Radiology technician or assistant
Medical office specialist
Medical transcriptionist
Medical office billing and coding specialist

Choosing the Right Path for You

SCC’s mission is to help you achieve your goals, whether you want to enter the workforce immediately or transfer to a four-year university. Talk with your advisor to discuss your options. Our counselors are here to help you reach your goals!

Available Programs and Courses

Biological Science Area of Study

  • Biological Science Pre-Major - Associate in Biology/DTA/MRP

  • Biological Science Pre-Major - AA/DTA

Biomedical Equipment Area of Study

  • Biomedical Equipment Technician - AAS

Communication Studies Area of Study

  • Communication Studies Pre-Major - AA/DTA

Dental Area of Study

Diagnostic Medical Sonography Area of Study

  • Diagnostic Medical Sonography - AAS

Echocardiography Area of Study

  • Echocardiography - AAS

Health Information Management Area of Study

  • Health Information Management - AAS

Invasive Cardiovascular Technology Area of Study

  • Invasive Cardiovascular Technology - AAS

Medical Assistant Area of Study

  • Medical Assistant - AAS

  • Medical Assistant - Certificate

Medical Office Support Area of Study

Medicine Area of Study

  • Medicine Pre-Major - Associate in Biology/DTA/MRP

  • Medicine Pre-Major - AA/DTA

  • Nursing

    • Nursing - Associate in Nursing/DTA/MRP

    • Nursing Pre-Major - Associate in Pre-Nursing/DTA/MRP

  • Nursing Assistant 

    • Nursing Assistant - Certificate

Pharmacy Area of Study

  • Pharmacy Pre-Major - AS/T1

  • Pharmacy Technician - AAS

  • Pharmacy Technician - Certificate

Radiology Technology Area of Study

  • Radiology Technology - AAS

Respiratory Care Area of Study

  • Respiratory Care - BAS

Surgical Technology Area of Study

  • Surgical Technology - AAS

Vascular Technology Area of Study

  • Vascular Technology - AAS