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Art student drawing. Art student drawing.

Culture, Arts & Ideas

SCC serves students seeking careers related to Culture, Arts, and Ideas. Course offerings include film, communications and writing, philosophy and political science, history, sociology, and psychology. Options include certificates and Associate of Arts degrees. The latter are accepted by all of Washington State’s public universities as well as several private institutions. Students can also obtain degrees in pre-majors, including secondary school teaching preparation. Humanities education can prepare students for further education or a career in a broad range of fields, from design to law.

Careers in Culture, Arts & Ideas

Visual Artist
Actor or Director
Historian or History Teacher
Government & Advocacy Positions
Social Work
Public Relations Specialist

Choosing the Right Path for You

SCC’s mission is to help you achieve your goals, whether you want to enter the workforce straight away or transfer to a four-year university. Talk with your advisor to discuss your options. Our counselors are here to help you reach your goals!

Available Programs and Courses

Communication Studies Area of Study

  • Communication Studies Pre-Major - AA/DTA

Education Area of Study

  • Education Pre-Major - AA/DTA

  • Education Pre-Major - Associate in Mathematics Education/DTA

English Area of Study

  • English Pre-Major - AA/DTA

Geography Area of Study

  • Geography Pre-Major - AA/DTA

History Area of Study

  • History Pre-Major - AA/DTA

Legal Careers Area of Study

Political Science Area of Interest Page

  • Political Science Pre-Major - AA/DTA

Psychology Area of Study

  • Psychology Pre-Major - AA/DTA