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Inspiration Salon and Spa Mission Statement

Delivering quality education while leading students in becoming the best versions of themselves.

If you have a passion for expressing your creativity daily, love people, and have the heart to make others feel and look great, starting here at Inspiration Salon and Spa at SCC is where you belong. You have a daily opportunity to help people feel beautiful. Making a difference in the lives of other people gives us a purpose. We believe serving others in our communities and mentoring students to have a servant's heart is necessary. When we have a purpose, we live healthier and happier lives.

We offer a 1600-hour modern and successful AAS (Associates of Applied Science) program that equips students to complete the Washington State Board Examination successfully. You will learn how to formulate unique color combinations, create haircut designs, and construct hairstyles for all textures. You will also learn different hair extension methods, barbering techniques, permanent wave techniques, and straightening/relaxing executions. There are allotments of time spent caring for natural nails and skin health. The curriculum also focuses on safety/infection control, chemistry, anatomy, and first aid related to cosmetology.

Our mission statement creates parameters for us to identify industry and student needs that encourage continual growth and updates to our curriculum. We coach each student toward their future salon/spa potential. We teach customer service, business skills, leadership, technical writing, computer literacy, and math concepts related to cosmetologists. Our salon allows students to hone hands-on techniques and learn new skills daily.

The program is six quarters (two years) and is a 1600-hour AAS degree. We offer four days per week of in-person classes with some mandatory online classes throughout the course. These options serve the students' many different learning needs and styles that take this program. This career path also has some physical requirements, including normal or corrected vision, physical dexterity (small grasp/straight line manipulation), and the ability to stand for long periods (4 hours). You must be able to follow written and verbal directions, as well as enjoy working with people.

  1. Understand the various phases and levels of basic through advanced skin care.
  2. Know how to safely and correctly use modern skin care machines.
  3. Understand and demonstrate proper temporary hair removal processes.
  4. Know specific first aid applications focused on Esthetics.
  5. Demonstrate the ability to successfully complete the state required practical examination for licensure.
  6. Demonstrate the ability to successfully complete the state required written examination for licensure.

Breaking Ground on Your Pathway

Plan Your Courses

Meet with our counselors to customize this plan just for you. You can also search the quarterly schedule for class days and times.


Math placement is not required for this program.
English placement is not required for this program.

Students enrolling in the Esthetician Certificate program will receive training in all phases of skin care. Emphasis will be on the use of facial machines; temporary hair removal; various types of facial treatments; face, neck, and hand massage techniques; and all safety and sanitation measures involved with these processes. Upon successful completion of the coursework, the student will be prepared to take the Washington State Examination in Esthetics.

Program Requirements:

  • Students must maintain a 2.0 in all professional classes to complete the program and pass exit exams with a minimum score of 2.0 to be prepared to take the Washington State licensing examination of esthetics.
  • Upon successful completion of the coursework, the student will be prepared to take the Washington State Examination in Esthetics.
Physical Requirements:
  • Normal or corrected vision
  • Physical dexterity, i.e., small object manipulation
  • Must be able to work with arms at shoulder level for extended periods of time
  • Must be able to sit or stand for extended periods of time

Program Map for


Choose program map:

Total Program Credits: 43 - 44

Program Courses

First Quarter

Course ID
Course Title
COS 123
Esthetics Concepts I  
COS 124
Esthetics Applications I  
Total Credits

Second Quarter

Course ID
Course Title
COS 125
Esthetics Concepts II  
COS 126
Esthetics Applications II  
Total Credits

Third Quarter

Course ID
Course Title
COS 127
Advanced Esthetics Concepts  
COS 135
Esthetics Concepts III  
COS 136
Esthetics Applications III   1
4 - 5
COS 227
Advanced Esthetics Applications  
Total Credits

1 1 credit of COS 136 may be substituted with COS 288 with the permission of the instructor. Washington State Licensure requirements allow up to 10% of the students' academic instruction to be met at an off–campus site.

Estimated costs for completing this program

WA Resident
$ 4,560
$ 5,704
$ 10,502
$ 702
$ 702
$ 702
Course Fees
$ 2,717
$ 2,717
$ 2,717
Institutional Fees
$ 1,606
$ 1,606
$ 1,606
Total Costs
$ 9,584
$ 10,728
$ 15,526

Costs for completing a degree or certificate can vary. For more information about costs, visit our How Much Does it Cost? page.

APLED Distribution Area Outcomes

DTA Distribution Areas Distribution Area Outcomes APLED COURSES OUTCOME ASSESSMENT
Communication Prepare and present ideas (verbal and written) clearly, concisely, logically and effectively to communicate in a professional manner APLED 121 X
Create, organize, present and adapt effective verbal and nonverbal messages to diverse audiences in diverse contexts APLED 121 & 123 X
Access online research related to professional/technical industry topics APLED 121 & 123  
Demonstrate the ability to critically think: summarize, interpret and evaluate written discourse APLED 121  
Prepare and write business letters, memos and other documents using instructed technical format APLED 121 X
Utilize effective document design techniques to ensure numerical and/or technical data is easily accessible to audience APLED 121  
Appropriately use college-level language skills (i.e., grammar and punctuation) to draft, revise and edit writing assignments APLED 121  
Utilize effective communication to lead a group APLED 123  
Utilize appropriate conflict-management and problem-solving skills while leading or working within a group APLED 123  
Utilize appropriate customer-relations skills (for both internal and external customers) APLED 123  
Demonstrate effective listening and responding skills necessary to understand verbal and nonverbal information APLED 123  
Employment Readiness Analyze personal employment goals and articulate career objectives APLED 125 X
Assess professional skills as well as strengths and weaknesses APLED 125 X
Develop job search strategies (e.g. research sources of career information and employment opportunities, develop a professional network) APLED 125  
Demonstrate job interview skills (i.e. presentation skills and effective communication in an interview setting ) APLED 125  
Understand employment and leadership in a diverse workplace APLED 125  
Prepare an effective employment portfolio including a resume, cover letter and list of references APLED 125  
Math Apply mathematical concepts and principles to perform computations, as they apply to the student's chosen career APLED 112 X
Apply mathematics to solve problems within the student's program APLED 112  
Apply technology tools (to include calculators) to solve problems as they relate to the student's chosen program APLED 112  
Use mathematical concepts and techniques in solving practical and applied problems within the student's chosen program APLED 112  
Computer Literacy Apply skills and concepts for basic use of computer hardware, software and networks in the workplace and in future coursework APLED 113  
Effectively demonstrate and use the Windows operating system, PC and cloud file management systems APLED 113  
Effectively demonstrate the use of the school's learning management system APLED 113 X
Effectively demonstrate how to email and search the Internet APLED 113  
Effectively demonstrate and use word processing, spreadsheet and presentation softwares APLED 113 X
Use Microsoft Office programs to create personal, academic and business documents following current professional and industry standards APLED 113