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Disability Access Services (DAS) assists eligible students in establishing testing accommodations for their exams and quizzes.

Depending on your eligibility, this could include accommodations such as: extended testing time, distraction-reduced testing area, reader/scribe, use of assistive technology, among others.

Like all DAS services, these accommodations must be renewed each quarter.

Testing accommodations can be implemented for both on-campus and online courses, though the implementation may look different. Generally, a collaboration between you and your instructor is needed to apply the accommodations. There are instances where the SCC Testing Center or the DAS office are involved in the process as well.  

Please contact the DAS office at or (509) 533-7169 if you have any questions or concerns about testing accommodations, or if you have trouble accessing any of the content on this webpage.

Testing Accommodation Overview

The DAS Testing Accommodation Overview video explains various types of testing accommodations. The video includes what information you will need to discuss with your instructors and the process of requesting and using your approved testing accommodations. A written guide detailing the same information is available below.

DAS Testing Accommodation Overview video

SCC Testing Center Overview

The SCC Testing Center Overview includes a virtual tour of the testing center and will provide you with information about using the SCC Testing Center to schedule your exams.

Students with qualified testing accommodations have the option to test at the SCC Testing Center. You are not required to test in the testing center unless your instructor requires it or is not able to provide for your accommodations. Work with your instructor to determine if the Testing Center is the appropriate place to take your exam.

SCC - Testing Center Overview video