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Need to know who your federal loan servicer is? Want more information on your repayment options?

Many federal loans were transferred to a new loan servicer during the payment pause. Visit the Federal Student aid website and Log in to find out who is servicing your loans.

Explore affordable repayment plans, including the new SAVE repayment option in which borrowers can lower their payments, even to $0. If you can’t log in with your FSA ID, contact them at 1-800-433-3243.

Log into your servicer’s website

Check with your loan servicer to make sure your address, phone number, and email address are up to date so they can contact you about important information.

Know where to find assistance.

Spokane Community College has hired ECMC Solutions to provide you with FREE Federal Student Loan counseling services. If you have questions about your repayment options, you can call 877-331-3262 or Visit their website to contact them.

In School Deferment - With deferment, you won’t have to make a payment

If you are enrolled in school at least half time, in most cases your loan(s) will be placed in deferment automatically based on information reported by our school. Your loan servicer will notify you that the deferment has been granted. For more information on the different types of deferments and how they work, log on to the website.