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Technology Services & Information Systems and Development Services will be performing routine maintenance on the servers that host the main websites (CCS, SCC and SFCC) on Sunday, January 29th from 9am-12pm. All CCS websites will be unavailable during the maintenance period listed above. If you experience problems after that time frame, we ask that you report them to the IT Support Center immediately. or 509-533-4357.

Veterans Organizations Websites/Contacts

Spokane Vet Center  (transition counseling and outreach)  509-444-8387
Dept. of Veterans Affairs (education/training) 1-888-442-4551
Dept. of Veterans Affairs (all other resources) 1-800-827-1000
Employment Security Dept. (Veterans Unit) 509-532-3102
Spokane County Veteran Services (financial aid, counseling, etc.) 509 477-3690
Spokane VA Medical Center (medical needs) 509-434-7000

On-Campus Veteran Friendly Contacts                Bald eagle flying with yellow ribbon in front of American flag.    

Contact Office number Phone number
Building 1
Jason Eggerman 1-Y228 509-533-8223
Jim Scheidegger 1-G110B 509-533-8206
Counseling Center
John Michel 1-0102G 509-533-7034
Building 5
Building 6
Shannon Ketcham 6-0114E 509-533-7082
Deana Sleep 6-0112A 509-533-7027
Building 7
Jeremy Groth 7-0191 509-533-7210
Building 8 Temp Move to Building 50
Cindy Deffe 50-132 509-533-7260
David Stasney 50-107A 509-533-7278
Building 9
Sam Clark 9-0018 509-533-7134
Building 15
Kelli Elliott 15-0111B 509-533-7198
Sally Hillebrandt 15-0117G 509-533-8881
Erin West 15-0147 509-533-7462
Building 16
Karen Waite 16-0164 509-533-8170
Building 18
Bill Rustemeyer Office: 18-0150 509-533-7102
Building 19
Patrick Marker Office: 19-0122C
Shop: 19-0122
Ray Lackey 19-253 509-533-7292
Building 27
Scott Satake 27-0120 509-533-7377
Nicole Duvernay 27-0128 509-533-7379
Building 28
Jeff Schwab 28-0226 509-533-7154
Building 50
Kevin Robins-campus security 50-118E 509-533-8636
Felts Field
Charlie Robbins 301-0102 509-533-8495
Tool Room in Airframe and Power Plant Bldg.
Colville Center
Newport Center

GI Bill® is a registered trademark of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA). More information about education benefits offered by VA is available at the official U.S. government Web site.