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Student Activities offers many opportunities for students to give back to the college community and the larger community, including:

  • A Volunteer Fair held every Fall Quarter
  • Club-sponsored drives, fundraisers, and service events
  • Ongoing service opportunity listings on GivePulse through community partners (Non-Profits/Community Resource agencies; Service Organizations)
  • Bigfoot Service Saturday held at least once every quarter


SCC CARES Community | Awareness | Resources | Engagement | Service provides SCC students with many opportunities to engage and to create a meaningful impact, both on campus and in the community. This includes events and programs that enhance awareness, as well as help you to learn valuable, transferable skills while creating connections and giving back through service, such as Bigfoot Service Saturday. 

Benefits of Volunteering:
•    Opportunity to give back and make a difference in the local community. 
•    Working with local non-profits and charities.
•    Gaining valuable experiences to build resume, transfer applications, and co-curricular highlights.
•    Learn valuable interpersonal, teamwork, and leadership skills.
•    Create meaningful relationships with peers and the community through sharing a common experience through service.
SCCCARES Impact through Service:
•    According to a study on the Value of Volunteer Time (Independent Sector), the estimated national value of each volunteer hour is $25.43 per hour. The estimated Washington state value of each volunteer is $31.72 [Hyperlink to Source:]
•    To date, SCCCARES has created an economic impact through service of $9841 (National Value) & $12,276 (Washington State Value) with a total of 86 volunteers and 387 total service hours (starting in Fall 2018).