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These clubs and organizations have been active at some point over the past few years. Even though some clubs are no longer active, this list is a sample of what SCC has to offer. 

For more detailed information about each club, contact the Student Leadership Center in the Lair Student Center (Bldg 6, Room 102) at 509-533-8900 or

A - C

ADA - Allies for Disability Awareness is a student organization dedicated to removing social stereotypes about people with disabilities (physical, learning, psychological, or emotional). It participates in almost every college-sponsored activity and hosts several family fun nights throughout the year. We also are a group striving to create awareness, educate others about "abilities," and participate in campus and community life. In the past, we have co-sponsored a Celebration of Abilities Week to show people can live a productive life regardless of "dis" ability. Our meetings and activities are open to all students, faculty, staff and administration.


Student Activities

Members may participate in conferences, workshops and competitions to enhance their chosen career field in Agriculture.


David Prins
509-533-7259 |

Cindy Deffe
509-533-7260 |

The Shut Up and Sign club's main purpose is to bring SCC's deaf and hearing students together in an environment that encourages friendship and understanding of each other's cultures. The club participates in almost every college-sponsored activity and hosts several family fun nights throughout the year. Everyone is welcome to join, even if they do not know sign language. The club supports student advocacy.


KellieMarie Plumlee
509-533-8909 |

The Arab Culture Club is centered on activities designed to provide students and the college community with better understanding of the Arab culture. This is done through a variety of events focused on family, friends, food, and fun.

Examples of such events are:

  1. Opportunities to learn basics of the Arabic language through workshops and other activities.
  2. Opportunities to learn about Middle Eastern food and cooking.
  3. Middle Eastern experts speakers, dance workshops (Dabkeh and belly dancing), Middle Eastern nights and festivials, henna art, drum and oud events, game nights, soccer tournaments, etc.


Kamilia Nemri
509-533-8029 |

American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS) at SCC is the only Spokane chapter of the American Institute of Architecture Students and is proud to call SCC home. Our chapter promotes excellence in architectural education, training and practice. It fosters an appreciation of architecture and related disciplines, enriches our community in a spirit of collaboration, and organizes students combining their efforts to advance the art and science of architecture.
Any individuals interested in architecture or other design-related professions - such as engineering, CAD, construction, landscape and interior design - are welcome to join.


David Edwards
509-533-7128 |

The Asian Pacific Islanders promote Asian Pacific awareness at SCC and the Spokane community through activities and events that feature Asian Pacific cultures, history, and contemporary Asian Pacific issues.


Susan Butler
509-533-7236 |

Club focus is on promoting awareness of, and exposure to aviation maintenance. We participate in aviation maintenance competition.


Andy Dodson
509-533-8496 |

The Black Student Union promotes African American and Black History awareness at SCC and in the Spokane community through activities and events that feature the culture, history and contemporary Black History issues.


Priya Osborne
509-533-8201 |

The SCC Auto Association is designed for auto technicians, auto machinists, and auto body students. The association sponsors car rallies, performs emissions testing, and holds an annual auto show. The club also competes in drag races and car shows, where it has won numerous awards.


Paul Overfield
509-533-7077 |

C - L

The CPR Club promotes leadership, health education, and community service through ongoing activities. The club is currently composed of first- and second-year students in the invasive cardiovascular and respiratory care programs. During the first year, all students become CPR instructors. Our club has over 50 members, all available for CPR courses on campus and in the community on a volunteer basis. We make a difference not only in CPR skill completion, but also in leading a positive, healthy lifestyle. We hold classes annually for over 500 college students, community members, and medical personnel. The CPR Club sponsors Respiratory Care Week each October and Heart Month activities each February. The club also has the basketball hoop toss each year as part of Halloween family night, holds food drives during finals week and supports professional workshops. We find ourselves getting involved wherever we are needed. Currently, 14 Allied Health instructors and four Nursing instructors have successfully completed the requirements to be CPR instructors and join us in providing quality CPR training for our campus.
Meeting are held quarterly on an as needed. CPR Club is located in Health Science Bldg., room 9. A bulletin board located between rooms 205 and 208 is the primary location for posting information.


Becky Scheid
509-533-8126 |

The American Drafting and Design Student Association (ADDSA) promotes opportunities in, and awareness of, the design professions (engineering, CAD, graphic design, etc.) at SCC and the Spokane area through activities, tutoring and events. ADDSA is an affiliate member of the American Drafting Design Association (ADDA).
ADDA’s mission is to strengthen the design graphics profession through training and educational opportunities in order to help members improve themselves in their professional and personal goals. Members from any area of study at SCC are welcome to join as long as they have an interest in drafting or design. Members have attended software training conferences and participated in engineering design and graphic design competitions.


David Edwards
509-533-3626 |

Explorers Club is for students currently enrolled in the dental assisting program. Club members initiate and coordinate educational activities to promote dental health both at SCC and in the community. The club promotes team-work while having fun and furthering the dental assisting profession. Members do several fund-raisers every year to support the club's goals, objectives and activities.

Meeting according to student schedules. Meetings are held in Bldg. 9, Dental Assistance Clinic/Lab.


Pat Norman


The International Club brings together representatives from various ethnic and racial groups on campus including international, refugee, and immigrant students. The purpose of this organization is to explore bonds of similarity and support each other and the understanding and education of various cultures; to promote international awareness at Spokane Community College and in the Spokane community through activities and events that feature culture, history, and contemporary international issues.


Guillermo Espinosa
509-533-7032 |

The Latin American Student Organization is to promotes Latin American awareness at SCC and in the Spokane community through activities and events that feature Latino culture, history, and contemporary Latino issues.


Jessica Steinberg
509-533-8035 |‚Äč

N - S

The Native American Student Organization's purpose is to raise awareness of Native American culture, history, and contemporary Indian issues through activities and events and to support the voices of the First Peoples in the Spokane community.
Meetings: 1:30 p.m. Tuesdays in the Lair's Upstairs Conference Room. All are welcome to attend.


Christina Momono
509-533-4176 |

The Natural Resources Association is for all individuals who are interested in natural resources and forest management. The club holds weekly informational meetings with guest speakers from private, county, state, and federal agencies. Participation in professional organizations such as the Society of American Foresters is encouraged.
Meetings: 11:30 a.m. Mondays in Bldg. 8, room 106


Matthew Dunford
509-533-7265 |

The Nursing Club is open to all SCC students who are interested in a career in nursing. The club organizes two to three activities per quarter which are generally held in the Health Science Bldg. 9 or the Lair Bldg. 6. Officers of the club also meet two to three times per quarter to plan activities and discuss priorities. Examples of activities in which the Nursing Club participates include welcome events for new students, assistance in arrangements for speakers on topics of interest to nurses, assistance with blood drives and blood pressure screenings on campus, and assistance with community events.


Sam Clark
509-533-7134 |
Cheri Osler
509-533-7311 |

The purposes of Phi Theta Kappa are promotion of scholarship, development of leadership and service, and cultivation of fellowship.

Important Links


Student Activities Office
509-533-7348 |
Angela Smith
509-533-7024 |
Rob Vogel
509-533-7348 |

SCC Pride is to represent the LGBTQ+ on campus. The mission is to make students aware of and to teach acceptance of all sexualities and gender identities. We are advocates for human rights and welcome everyone into our safe, judgment-free space


Stacy Kowtko
509-533-7207 |

The X-Ray Vision Club is committed to promoting health education, community service, and professionalism in health care. The club is composed of first- and second-year students who are enrolled in the Radiology Technologist program. It is also open to any interested individual currently enrolled at Community Colleges of Spokane. We strive to make ourselves available to the health care community as needed. It is our goal to make a difference in the community by being active in essential health care issues involving radiology technology.


Jamie Tevis
509-533-8612 |
Helen Murphy
509-533-8616 |

Coming Fall 2022!

Rho Beta Psi is the SCC chapter of the American Criminal Justice Association. This club allows the SCC Criminal Justice students to: (1) network with other CJ students from colleges and universities around the United States, (2) engage in career related competitions with their peers from other institutions, and (3) attend training relevant to their chosen career field.


Mike Morlan
509-533-7293 |

S - Z

Speak Out is SCC's communication studies club. Our mission on this campus is to meet new people, bring awareness, and offer tools for effectively communicating through guest speakers and small communication conferences.
For public speaking, both verbal and nonverbal communication is extremely important in professional and personal settings. Our goal is to help others learn techniques for success.
Meetings: Please contact the advisors for meeting times and location.


Linda Seppa Salisbury
509-533-8055 |
Amy Anderson
509-533-8055 |

The Student Awareness League fights ignorance through education. SAL strives to educate SCC students about human rights issues as well as issues dealing with our Earth. This will help our students be well-informed members of our community. As a club, SAL strives to educate and help not only SCC students, but also our community. On SCC's campus, SAL has helped to open the food bank; sought cultural awareness; held information forums for human rights, civil rights, and gay rights; and sponsored Peace & Justice Day and Earth Day. As part of the community, SAL has participated in peace rallies, building houses for Habitat for Humanity, and feeding the poor and homeless. SAL works toward an end to discrimination of any kind. Ignorance causes discrimination, so SAL strives to educate.
Meetings: 12:30 p.m. Tuesdays, Main Bldg. 1, room B224


Angela Wisner
509-533-7185 |

The Student Parents Together club at SCC gives parents an opportunity to enjoy some fun time with their children in the company of fellow students. Family activities are planned throughout the school year. The group also affords student parents the opportunity to interact with other parents on campus, to exchange ideas, and to be encouraged in their efforts to juggle family, school, and work commitments.


Student Activities Office
509-533-8215 |

The SCC Veterans Club links veterans and their family members from all branches of military service who have served during times of peace and times of war. The club strives to support veterans, including the veteran's spouse and dependents, by educating them about VA benefits, and local resources available to veterans, including their families, both on and off campus. Such information will assist veterans and their family members to better network and improve their experiences, both as a student at SCC, and also in their transitioned roles in the civilian sector.
We are a chapter of Student Veterans of America.
We supported each other in combat.
We support each other in civilian life.
Meetings: 2 p.m. the first Wednesday of each month, SCC Walter S. Johnson Sports Center gym, Bldg. 5


Keith Pereira
509-533-8174 |

The Water Resources Association is open to any individual interested in water and environmental issues that affect water quality or water management. The club members' present programs in water related issues, are active with Earth Day activities, environmental programs and activities in the community. Members volunteer with state, local and federal agencies on projects such as clean-up and restoration of sites near streams and lakes, help gather scientific data, and share their knowledge with presentations on campus. The Water Resources Association brings speakers and exhibits to campus, takes exhibits out to area high schools to promote good water management, participates in fund-raising (with other environmental science clubs sponsors two craft fairs a year), and conducts social activities for members and their families.


David Stansey
509-533-7278 |

Starting a new club or organization

Follow these steps in order to start a new club or organization.

  1. Compile a list of interested students

  2. Contact Student Activities (509-533-8900)

For information, call 509-533-8900.