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The SCC Library is dedicated to developing an accessible facility and resources.

If you have questions about accessibility or assistive technology, please contact staff in either the library or Disability Access Services.

Have questions or want assistance?

There are multiple ways to contact library staff:

Library access in Building 16 (Learning Resources Center)

The main SCC Library is located inside Building 16 on SCC’s main campus. Building 16 is also called the Learning Resources Center.

  • Power-assisted doors are located at both the east and west building entrances and at the library entrance.
  • Restrooms, which are wheelchair accessible with power-assisted doors, are located on the first floor of Building 16 and on the 2nd floor of the library.
  • Elevator in the library has tactile numbering inside and out.
  • Services desks are staffed during library open hours. A portion of each service desk is wheelchair accessible.

Furniture and assistive technology

Library furniture and equipment include:

  • Computer stations at sit or stand heights
  • CZUR book and document scanner
    • OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which enables documents to be scanned into an editable and searchable Word or PDF document
    • Multiple methods to trigger scanning such as a hand button, foot pedal, and auto scan function
  • TV: DaVinci desktop magnifier with multiple visual options and color contrast settings
  • Apple Mac desktop computer
  • Screen reading and magnification software are installed on select computers:
    • Fusion, JAWS, and Zoomtext
  • Text to speech software is installed on all library computers:
    • Read & Write (Enables digital content to be read aloud in addition to other features)
  • Distraction reduced spaces are available including:
    • Study rooms equipped with computers and large wall-mounted screens
    • Library second floor is typically a quiet area
    • LaAR: Learning & Access Room (Maintained by DAS)

LaAR: Learning & Access Room

The LaAR is located in a library study room on the first floor and is maintained by SCC Disability Access Services.

There are multiple ways to reserve the LaAR:

  • Ask at a library service desk upon visiting the library.
  • Use this online form to reserve room SP0160162.
  • eMail library staff.
  • Phone library staff at 1-509-533-8255.

Equipment & Technology in the LaAR includes:

  • Videophone (Used by people who are Deaf or hard-of-hearing to communicate using sign language)
  • Assistive software
    • Dragon Naturally Speaking
    • JAWS, ZoomText, and Fusion (Screen reading and magnification software) 
    • Read & Write (Text to speech software)
    • Echo Desktop (Notetaking software for Livescribe Pens)
    • NVDA (open-source screen reading software)
    • Natural Reader (free version only – Text to Speech Software)
    • Trackball Mouse
  • Printer
  • Large monitor
  • Ergonomic keyboards and mouse
  • Ergonomic chair
  • Adjustable table
  • Florescent light covers

Circulating equipment

Students may borrow equipment from the library including:

  • Laptop computer (Normal check-out period is 24 hours.)
  • WiFi hotspot (Normal check-out period is 24 hours.)
  • iPad 
  • GoPro camera 
  • Tripod
  • Graphing calculators

Reserve textbooks

Some instructors have placed copies of the course textbook on Reserve at the library Check-Out desk. Books required for your course may also be available in ebook format in the library collection.

To see if a required book you need for class is available through the library you may:

  • Search the book title from the library homepage.
  • Ask a library staff person if the book is available in the library collection.

Accessibility features of library databases

Accessibility features of several library research databases are highlighted on this guide.

Have questions?

Please contact either staff at Disability Access Services or SCC Library. We’re eager to support you.