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The SCC Library has a mix of Windows and Mac computers with networked printers.  The SCC Library  computer lab offers minimal computer support.  For access to Tutors and program supported computer labs follow these links.  

Software Installed on Library Laptops 

This is not a comprehensive list, some programs have been installed on specific computers due to requests directed at IT. This list covers all programs that should be installed on library laptops. If you discover that a program is not installed, contact IT. 


  • Mozilla Firefox 
  • Internet Explorer 
  • Google Chrome 
  • Respondus Lockdown Browser 

Programs that might be needed for classes 

  • Zoom 
  • Panopto Recorder 
  • Office 365 Client 

Media Related Programs 

  • VLC Media Player 
  • Adobe Flash Player 
  • Adobe Reader 

Some programs that we know IT cannot install (due to limits with the laptop specs) include AutoCad software and robust video editing software.