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Our students are what make us successful. Each student who comes through our doors receives individual attention from our Global Education and regular college staff. We help our international students navigate college programs and requirements, and make sure our international student centers are a welcoming place to seek help and to make new friends.

You will take part in both an international student orientation and we will help connect you with the services and college offices you may need. You also will take part in placement testing and academic advising. As you determine what you want to study and whether you want to transfer to a university, our staff will help you with that too.

Mentoring and Tutoring

We know that getting help and building connections with other students are important parts of your college experience. Our colleges offer tutoring support for all of our international students through their student support centers. Learn more on our Mentoring and Tutoring page


Do you have questions about student support programs? Contact us at, or chat with us by clicking the contact us button on the right side of the page.