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International students attending CCS are eligible for on-campus employment as well as off-campus Practical Trainings: Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT). International Student Advisors work closely with students on securing these employment opportunities, applying for CPT and OPT, and answering any questions related to employment as an F-1 international student. Additionally, the Global Education office offers quarterly CPT/OPT Info Sessions as well as drop-in meetings to help students obtain permissions to work.

International students can apply for OPT once per education level. This means students can apply for OPT each time for their Associate, Bachelor’s degree and then higher degree levels. By attending community college, students get one additional year of practicum to enhance their academic and employment competitiveness.

Let us help you get started! Contact us at 509-533-8885 or 509-533-3122. We can also be reached by email: