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What to Study in Newport

Over 20 degrees and certificates

Whether you want to start your own business, enter the workforce immediately, or transfer to a four-year university, SCC in Newport gives you the opportunity to stay close to home while still achieving high quality education programs. Talk with your advisor to discuss your options. 

What are you interested in?

Search for programs and certifications based upon subjects and industries you see yourself in.

Accounting Area of Study

  • Accounting Assistant - AAS

  • Accounting Clerk - Certificate

​Administrative Support Area of Study

Business Area of Study

Associate in Arts (AA-DTA)

The Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) Associate Degree, sometimes called the Associate in Arts or Associate in Arts and Sciences, is the community college degree designed to transfer to most bachelors of arts degrees at Washington's four-year institutions. In order for the agreement to be valid for transfer, however, it is essential that the degree be completed. Otherwise, each course taken may be evaluated by the receiving institution separately, and some courses may not be accepted for transfer that would have been with a completed degree. For this reason students are strongly advised to complete the appropriate transfer degree prior to transfer.

Transfer guides are available from counselors and at the SCC and SFCC Transfer Centers. Students planning to transfer should consult these guides as well as information provided by the four-year institutions. Completion of recommended courses in a pre-major for transfer does not necessarily assure a student admission to a four-year institution or a specific program. Some colleges use screening procedures (cumulative GPA, test scores, major GPA, etc.) for acceptance into certain majors and programs.

Many four-year institutions have an admissions requirement of two years of a single foreign language in high school or two to three quarters of a single foreign language in college. Additional foreign language courses may be required for graduation. Students should check this requirement carefully for the institution to which they plan to transfer.

Lower-division major requirements vary among four-year schools. Therefore, students should consult the four-year institution to which they plan to transfer for specific program requirements. Careful planning is important in order to meet specific requirements.

For most majors in the arts, humanities and social sciences, the Direct Transfer Agreement provides the best pathway. Degree

To help transfer students better prepare for the junior year, two-year and four-year institutions work together to create transfer associate pathways outlining the appropriate courses in order for students to be well prepared to enter the major upon transfer - Major Related Program (MRP) pathways follow one of the two statewide transfer agreements - the DTA format or the Associate in Science (AS-T) format.

Several MRP degrees follow the DTA guidelines and thus share the same benefits as described above, but provide specific preparation for the specific majors identified in Republic.


Health Information Management Area of Study

  • Health Information Management - AAS

Medical Assistant Area of Study

  • Medical Assistant - Certificate

Medical Office Receptionist Area of Study

  • Medical Office Receptionist - Certificate

Pharmacy Area of Study

  • Pharmacy Pre-Major - AS/T1

  • Pharmacy Technician - AAS

  • Pharmacy Technician - Certificate

Legal Careers Area of Study

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Whether you need night classes, fast-paced, or online choices, SCC Newport meets you where you are.

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All Education Journeys are Different

There is no such thing as the traditional college student anymore. You'll see students in your classes who are looking for a fresh beginning, an upgrade to their current career, or are just taking classes just for fun.

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