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Associate Degree

A student holds an ultrasound transducer in one hand while looking at a monitor

Locations Offered

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    Scott Cutler

    Office Location

    Health Science Building 9
    Office 217
    SCC Campus

    Additional Application Requirements

    Program start: Fall (competitive entry)
    Pre-requisites: Yes
    Program length: 7 quarters
    Number of students each start: 16
    Contact: Scott Cutler 509-533-7309
    Applications deadline: June 21st
    Please note: Application


    Are you interested in using technology to help patients? Echocardiography might be the program for you.

    This program is commonly referred to as "Echo". Echocardiography technologists use sophisticated computers and cutting-edge technology to create and read sound waves in order to capture videos and images of the heart. These ultrasounds allow us to see into the body without pain or radiation so cardiologists can evaluate the function of the heart and plan possible treatment.

    SCC's two-year program focuses on the adult heart and diseases that affect it. However, you also work with pediatric patients and even discuss the heart in the fetus. You become internationally registered by one of two international credentialing agencies that allow you to literally work anywhere in the world.

    You will be among the highest paid and most sought after allied health workers, including nursing. You can work in a large variety of healthcare facilities ranging from hospitals to clinics and even administration or sales.