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Philosophers seek meaning beyond surface facts. Rather than filling the mind with information, philosophy encourages students to think actively and critically. These skills are useful in a broad range of higher academic programs and professional fields, including leadership positions. Studying philosophy is also beneficial to an individual’s personal development, helping them to become more aware and enlightened citizens. Philosophers ask questions that all humans must ponder. Learning about their thoughts and reasoning can help us to understand ourselves better, other people, and the world we live in.

Students study several philosophers, ideas, and schools of thought. They learn to think critically and respond thoughtfully to various topics and questions. It is an excellent course of study for inquisitive individuals who often question the meaning behind their thoughts and actions and those of others. Many philosopher’s questions address what it means to be human, and what an individual’s place is in the community, the world, and the grand scheme of things.

Students can take philosophy courses in preparation to transfer to a four-year college or university, or for personal or professional enrichment. It is beneficial for those who wish to earn their two-year degree and enter the workforce upon graduation.

Program Learning Outcome

The goal of the philosophy program at Spokane Community College is to cultivate each student’s critical thinking skills and the disposition to apply them to his or her beliefs and actions in order to improve decision making.