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Division of Arts and Sciences
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A young man gives a public presentation


Communication plays a pivotal role in personal, academic, and professional success. Relationships are built based on individuals’ ability to communicate with one another, and effective communication can make all the difference in establishing a strong, long-term partnership. Regardless of your career choice, employers and colleagues will evaluate your communication skills as a part of your overall effectiveness in your field. Even if you’re a strong communicator, each of us has areas that could be improved.

Communication students learn about various communication techniques. This includes public speaking, interpersonal communication, conflict management, and intercultural communication. In these courses, you’ll learn the relationship between messages and audiences in different contexts and how to create and deliver content to effectively reach certain groups and target demographics.

Researchers have found that college students spend an average of 61% of their waking hours engaged in some form of communication. Whether you’re planning to earn a certificate, transfer to a four-year university, or taking classes for personal or professional enrichment, our communication courses can help you reach your goals.