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Student Leadership Center

SCC’s Student Leadership Center (SLC) is home to Associated Student Government (ASG), Bigfoot Events, Bigfoot Marketing, and Student Activities. Involvement in SLC activities leads to valuable leadership training like decision making, fiscal management and conflict management.

The SLC is located in the SCC Lair, Bldg. 6

Contact: 509-533-8900 or


Meet the 2021 – 2022 officers

Parleen Kaur

Ducati Sanchidrian

Associated Student Government President
Fun Fact: “I love music. My top two must listen to genres are K-pop and rock.”

Parleen Kaur

Audrey Schlotter

Associated Student Government Vice President
Fun Fact: “Pickles are my favorite food!”


Parleen Kaur

Daniel Yeromenko

Associated Student Government Director of Communications
Fun Fact: “I am bilingual and working on learning my 3rd language.”

Parleen Kaur

Sylvia Johns

Associated Student Government Director of Finance
Fun Fact:  “I watched all 9 seasons of the office in 22 days.”


Parleen Kaur

Sophie Murto

Associated Student Government Director of Student/Academic Affairs
Fun Fact: “I have a cat named Bagel because she looks like a bagel."



Senator of Adult Basic Education


Senator of Arts and Sciences

Parleen Kaur

Holden Adams

Senator of Business, Hospitality, Info Technology (BHIT)
Fun Fact: “I got hit by a car on St. Patricks Day."

Parleen Kaur

Brandon Bee

Senator of Health and Environmental Sciences
Fun Fact: “I am a plant-based vegan."

Parleen Kaur

Michael Rosales 

Senator of Physical Education and Athletics
Fun Fact: “I am an avid disc golf player.”

Parleen Kaur

Sam Alexander

Senator of Technical Education