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Message from our Chancellor


Dear CCS Community:

I write to you today with a heavy heart, and ask that you be kind and gentle to one another and to all our students.  There is a lot of pain and despair around you surrounding the unjust killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis last week.  The outrageous injustice has generated a national outcry of pain and anger and protests calling for real change and for the safety of Black men and women and all people of color in our country.  This weekend over a thousand people in Spokane of all races and ages came together to demand justice and the end of inhuman and unfair treatment.

Our pain as a country is deep and healing will not come without change.  Every one of us can be part of that change and we all have a responsibility to do our part.  Let’s learn more about each other. Let’s become educated about the history of discrimination and prejudice.  Let’s work together to find paths toward reform and  let’s all be willing to listen – to truly listen to voices that have not been heard.

Everyone needs to be treated with human dignity and respect—everyone deserves justice.

Christine Johnson, PhD
June 1, 2020



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6/4/2020 5:01:16 PM

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Lorraine Nelson

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