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Colville cornfields with telephone poles/lines at sunset Colville cornfields with telephone poles/lines at sunset

What to Study - Colville

What to Study in Colville

Complete over 20 degrees and certificates

Whether you want to start your own business, enter the workforce immediately, or transfer to a four-year university, SCC in Colville gives you the opportunity to stay close to home will still achieving high quality education programs. Talk with your advisor to discuss your options. 

What are you interested in?

Search for programs and certifications based upon subjects and industries you see yourself in.

Pick the classes that fit your lifestyle

Whether you need night classes, fast-paced, or online choices, SCC Colville meets you where you are.

Class Search

Credit Students: Please select Rural Education or Rural Online in the Location drop down to find local classes
Non-Credit/Enrichment Students: Please select Colville Location drop down to find local classes

All Education Journeys are Different

There is no such thing as the traditional college student anymore. You'll see students in your classes who are looking for a fresh beginning, an upgrade to their current career, or are just taking classes just for fun.

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Classes for anyone retired or preparing to retire. Learn more about our continuing education offerings aimed at ages 50 and up and the registration process on the ACT 2 page.

Upcoming ACT 2 Classes in Collville

Class #TitleLocationCostTimeDates
FALL 2019
6868Writing Skills Exercises for FColville Center-0106$7.003:00 PM-
5:00 PM
6884Yoga: RestorativeColville Center-0107$20.004:00 PM-
5:15 PM
9/26/19 -
7361Yoga: RestorativeColville Center-0107$20.005:30 PM-
6:45 PM
9/26/19 -
6881Yoga: Slow and GentleColville Center-0107$53.0010:00 AM-
11:30 AM
9/23/19 -
WINTER 2020 - no classes currently listed for this quarter

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