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Building 1, Main, North Entrance Building 1, Main, North Entrance


The Counseling Center, Career Services, Tutoring Services, Computing Lab and Transfer Center are in Building 1 and are easily accessed from parking lot P20 and the north entrance. This wing also houses the following programs: Baking, Orlando's, Culinary Arts and Cosmetology which is on the second level. The north side of the building is shown in the picture above and is directly across from the Lair Student Center (Building 6). It has automated doors for wheelchair access.

There is also a south and east entrance. They are accessible from parking lots P1, P20 and P21. All three lots have handicapped parking.

The east wing houses the Computer Aided Design (CAD) Department and Architectural Technology. Many of the computer labs are near the south and east wing entrances. The Criminal Justice Department is also located in Building 1.