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This section addresses common questions about parking on the SCC Campus. The best rule of thumb to follow: Parking is by virtual permit or paid meter only.

If you have other questions, you can always call the SCC Office of Campus Security at 509-533-8624.

To view Washington State code, visit Chapter 132Q-20 WAC, Traffic Rules and Regulations.

Common Questions about Parking Tickets

Vehicle Booting

In an effort to reduce the number of repeat parking offenders, we use a vehicle immobilization device (commonly known as a boot) on vehicles that meet certain criteria.

The following circumstances would make a vehicle "boot eligible":

  • One unpaid parking ticket on a vehicle with an out-of-state license plate and the owner is unknown

  • Three unpaid tickets on an account or the equal dollar amount of three minimum fines ($90)

  • Three tickets issued to a vehicle in five academic days

  • If, during a probationary period after meeting with the associate dean of student services for student development, the individual violates his or her agreement with the associate dean

  • At the direction of the president of SCC or designee

For the boot to be removed, the following would need to happen:

  • A removal fee of $30 and all outstanding fines would have to be paid at the Cashiers' Office.

  • Proof of payment would then be provided to the SCC Security Office and the boot would be removed.

    • If the offender does not pay the fee and fines in full within one business day, the vehicle will again become "boot eligible."

    • If the offender's vehicle is booted a second time prior to paying the fee and fines, an additional $50 fee will be assessed for the second boot removal.

For information about the college's rights regarding the use of vehicle boots, please see the following resources:

Fines & Penalties Violations - WAC 132Q-20-260
Appeals - WAC 132Q-20-265