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Science Scholars Program

Full Scholarships. Full Support.

The SCC Science Scholars Program

with support from the National Science Foundation (NSF Award 1833712), invites applications from students intending to pursue a science degree in the fields of biology, chemistry, geology, environmental science and related fields. Students accepted into the program will receive a scholarship to cover all tuition costs for attending Spokane Community College to complete their two-year transfer degree, as well as involvement in a comprehensive support program to facilitate student success.


The Spokane Community College Science Scholars program provides a full scholarship, academic support, and other developmental activities to students pursuing a science transfer degree (AA-DTA or AS-T) in the fields of biology, chemistry or geology at SCC. Admission to the program is competitive.

To qualify for the SCC Science Scholars program, students must:

  1. Have financial need as determined by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) form and SCC Financial Aid office. Financial need is defined as a Cost of Attendance (COA) that exceeds the Estimated Family Contribution (EFC). Students that do not meet this definition will not be accepted to the program.

  2. Be enrolled at SCC with plans to attend full time for two years to complete a science transfer degree (AA-DTA or AS-T) in biology, chemistry, geology or environmental science. Other degrees, certificates, or sciences — including computer science, nursing or allied health — do not qualify for this program.

  3. Please note that this program is funded by the National Science Foundation (NSF), which requires applicants to be a citizen of the United States, a national of the United States (as defined in Section 101 (a) of the Immigration and Nationality Act), an alien admitted as refugee under Section 207 of the Immigration and Nationality Act, or an alien lawfully admitted to the United States for permanent residence.

    Application Checklist

    First: Complete the FAFSA. Your application will not be considered until your FAFSA has been received by SCC Financial Aid and your financial need status has been verified.  

    After you have completed the FAFSA, please submit the following:

    • Application form.

    • Personal statement. Please type a short essay or statement (no more than 600 words) explaining your scientific interests, and what makes you a unique and qualified candidate for the SCC Science Scholars program. Include your name at the top of this essay and save it as a .pdf to upload with the application form.

    • High school and/or college transcripts. Unofficial transcripts may be submitted for purposes of this application, but official transcripts will be required for admission. Transcripts may be uploaded using the link in the application form, or mailed to the address below.

    • A letter of recommendation from a science teacher, science instructor, or other educator familiar with your academic abilities in science. Provide the following recommendation form to your reference.

      Mailing Address:
      SCC Science Scholars, Jaye Hopkins
      Spokane Community College, MS 2070
      1810 N. Greene Street
      Spokane, WA 99217

Scholarship Criteria

Admission to the SCC Science Scholars program is competitive. Applicants will be chosen on the basis of:

  1. Financial need, determined by a FAFSA form submitted to the SCC Financial Office. Financial need is defined as a Cost of Attendance (COA) that exceeds the Estimated Family Contribution (EFC). Students that do not meet this definition will not be accepted to the program.

  2. A completed SCC Science Scholars application.

  3. A personal statement that indicates potential for success in the sciences.

  4. GPA of at least 3.0 in science classes as verified by unofficial transcripts.

  5. A completed recommendation form from a scientist or science educator that indicates potential for success in a college science degree.

  6. Extracurricular, professional, or volunteer experience related to scientific pursuits.

Scholarship Recipients

Applicants that are offered entrance to the program will be required to:

  • Apply and be admitted to Spokane Community College.

  • Place into a minimum of Math 91 (intermediate algebra) for freshman year.

  • Attend a scholar’s field experience prior to the start of fall quarter classes.

  • Meet with an academic advisor to plan their degree schedule.

  • Register for Guid102 during Fall Quarter.

Once enrolled in the program, Science Scholars will receive a scholarship to cover tuition for each quarter that they remain in good standing with the program. Good standing includes full-time enrollment in a science transfer program with a minimum quarterly GPA of 2.8, and participation in periodic events with the Science Scholars students and faculty. More specific details will be sent when applicants are accepted.

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Scholarship Application (opens January 1st, 2020)