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Applicants to the radiology program can obtain the 80 hours required on the job if the employee has direct patient contact. Otherwise, the hours must be obtained as a volunteer. Applicants are required to set up their own volunteer internships. This may be done at any medical facility where the volunteer would have direct patient contact. Ten of the 80 hours must be completed observing in a radiology department. It is helpful if the applicant is able to observe a few CAT scans, MRI procedures, and general diagnostic x-rays, such as spine, chest, and abdomen x-rays.

While it is helpful to complete as many hours observing in the radiology department as possible, it is only a small portion of the volunteer time required. The time spent volunteering helps the applicant become more comfortable with the sights, sounds, and smells of a medical environment and to become a little more familiar with radiology. If you are wanting to count your hours as an employee toward the required hours and just need to complete the 10 hours of radiology vounteering, note that it can be very difficult to do. Very few sites will allow only a 10-hour job shadow.

Some Volunteer Options in the Spokane/Coeur d'Alene Area: