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Sergei moved to Spokane from Kyrgyzstan

three years ago with his family. He recently went through the English as a Second Language Program at Spokane Community College, where Navigator Monica Graham describes him as “highly motivated with a positive attitude”. Sergei recently lost his job which puts a new spin on his life and is what made him decide to come to college Spring Quarter. Read Sergei’s full story and hear how he has seized opportunities as they’ve become available to him.

SergeiWhen Sergei was six years old, his parents bought him his first computer. However, no one in his family knew what to do with it. Sergei recalls pushing all the buttons on it, pretending he knew what he was doing, until someone showed them how to turn it on. Once the computer was turned on, Sergei never looked back and working on computers became his passion.

Sergei and his family moved from Kyrgyzstan three years ago as it became too dangerous to live there. His family sold all their wordly possessions and boarded a plane to Spokane, WA. Sergei was only seventeen and knew no English. He recalled that he and his friends used to think of the United States only how it was depicted in the movies, and his friends still ask him if money really does grow on trees in the United States. Sergei knows, though, that hard work is what is going to change his life. Because his parents also did not know English, Sergei began working the night shift on delivery trucks so that his parents could study English in order to one day get a job.

Recently, Sergei lost his job and that propelled him to start the Software Design program at Spokane Community College Spring Quarter. His Navigator, Monica Graham, shared that many students take two or three quarters to be ready, but not Sergei. “The job loss really hit him, he just said. “okay, let’s make this happen” and I really believe his drive is what made this happen for him,” said Graham. Sergei can’t believe that Metallica is helping him go to school. “My uncle thinks it’s the coolest thing he’s ever heard. I brag about it to all of my friends” said Sergei.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Sergei’s future!!!