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History is the study of the past and the way the world and humans have changed over time. The study of history at SCC provides a foundation for those wishing to pursue a career in history or social studies, as well as those planning a future in law, business, government, international relations, museums, and historic preservation, among other fields.

During their course of study, history students will learn how to interpret factual evidence and understand why things happened as they did. Students will also learn to extrapolate from past events predictions for ongoing conflicts and events. In the 21st century, people of different cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds interact more frequently than they have at any other point in history. Understanding the past helps students contribute to a more harmonious future with productive and positive cross-cultural relations.

Students can take history courses in preparation to transfer to a four-year college or university, or for personal or professional enrichment. It is beneficial for those who wish to pursue higher-level degrees or enter the workforce upon graduation with a certificate.