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Science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields offer high-demand employment opportunities across a broad range of competitve, high-paying industries.

Programs and Courses

Astronomy Area of Study

  • Associate in Arts-Direct Transfer Agreement

Architectural Technology Area of Study

  • Architectural Technology - AAS

  • Architectural Technology - AAS-T

  • Architectural Technology - Certificate

Biological Science Area of Study

  • Biological Science Pre-Major - Associate in Biology/DTA/MRP

  • Biological Science Pre-Major - AA/DTA

Chemistry Area of Study

  • Chemistry Pre-Major - AA/DTA

  • Chemistry Pre-Major - AS/T1

CAD Design and Drafting Area of Study

  • CAD Design and Drafting - AAS

  • Mechanical Engineering Technology - AAS

  • CAD Drafting - Certificate

Environmental/Resource Sciences Area of Study

  • Associate In Science Transfer (Track 1) Biological Sciences, Environmental /Resource Sciences,Chemistry, Geology, and Earth Science Degree

Geology Area of Study

  • Geology Pre-Major - AA/DTA

  • Geology Pre-Major - AS/T1

Mathematics Area of Study

  • Mathematics Pre-Major - AA/DTA

Mechanical Engineering Area of Study

  • Mechanical Engineering Technology - AAS

Computer Network Design and Administration Area of Study

  • Network Design and Administration - AAS

  • Network Design and Administration - Certificate

  • Microsoft Networking - Certificate

  • Unix Networking - Certificate

  • Cisco Networking - Certificate

Physics Area of Study

  • Physics Pre-Major - AA/DTA
  • Physics Pre-Major - AS/T2

Psychology Area of Study

  • Direct Transfer Agreement AA

Software Development Area of Study

  • Software Development - AAS
  • .Net Developer -  Certificate

  • Android Mobile Development - Certificate

  • Computer Science - Certificate

  • iOS Mobile Development - Certificate

  • Mobile Health Software Development - Certificate

  • Web Design - Certificate

  • ​Web Developer - Certificate​

Direct Transfer Agreements (DTA) and Major Related Programs (MRP)

  • Associate in Applied Science-Transfer (AS-T) Architectural Technology
  • Associate in Bioengineering and Chemical Engineering (AS-T 2)
  • Associate in Biology Direct Transfer Agreement/Major Related Program
  • Associate in Computer and Electrical Engineering (AS-T 2)
  • Associate in Mathematics Education Direct Transfer Agreement
  • Associate in Mechanical/Civil/Aeronautical/Industrial Engineering (AS-T 2)
  • Associate in Science Transfer (Track 1) - Biological Sciences, Environmental/Resource Sciences, Chemistry, Geology, and Earth Science
  • Associate in Science Transfer (Track 2) - Engineering, Computer Science, Physics and Atmospheric Science

Scholarship Opportunities

All Within My Hands (AWMH) and American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) logos
Metallica's All Within My Hands Scholarship

Metallica's All Within My Hands scholarship supports students interested in pursuing in-demand professional technical certificates and degrees. Find out if you qualify and how to apply.

Science Scholars Program logo
Science Scholars Program

Our Science Scholars program provides a full scholarship, academic support, and other developmental activities to students pursuing a science transfer degree (AA-DTA or AS-T) in the fields of biology, chemistry or geology at SCC.

Possible Careers

Civil engineer
CAD Designer
Mechanical designer
Product engineer
Software developer
Network design and administration
Environmental biologist