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Supported Education and Employment Enhancing Rehabilitation

SEER provides support through education and employment that helps individuals recovering from psychiatric disabilities prepare for, gain access to, and sustain participation in postsecondary education and vocational opportunities.

Your Registration Form will auto submit; please email your FACE Sheet and Code of Conduct Form to

With COVID-19 still an active threat in our community, PACE classes will be available with safety precautions in place:

  • All classes will be available in an online (OL) and face-to-face (F2F) format. The instruction will come from the classroom in the Lodge, where a limited number of students will be allowed to attend. The rest of the students will join in online.
    • Identify your preference when you send in your registration sheet (F2F or OL). Ex: “CLCP 10 Employment Enjoyment 1 OL” Registration will be first come, first served, with priority given for F2F classes to those who are unable to attend classes OL.
    • Students attending class at the Lodge must: Wear a mask at all times Sign a daily form attesting that they are free of COVID-19 symptoms Maintain a 6’ distance from other people at all times
    • Students are encouraged to set their schedules up so they are NOT at the Lodge at lunch time. Students may not congregate in the commons area during lunch hour. Students will be asked to go outside if they want to remove their masks to eat. With fall weather quickly approaching, it is best for students to plan to be home at lunch time.
    • Only students and designated staff will be allowed in the building. Designated staff must provide documentation affirming their need to be with the student to the front office prior to the start of the quarter.


Supported Education & Employment Enhancing Rehabilitation


  • Guides students in making career and education decisions.

  • Builds skills for employment, volunteering or credit class success.

  • Facilitates the transition into college, employment or volunteer positions.

  • Offers information and practice on finding and using school and job resources and skills.


Find out if SEER is for you. Attend one of the optional orientation and registration sessions. A SEER representative will be on hand to talk about the program and to answer any questions.

SEER Eligibility/Enrollment Requirements

  • 18 years of age or older (some exceptions may be made).

  • Presence of a psychiatric disability.

  • No existing debt with Community Colleges of Spokane (CCS).

  • Have not exceeded the maximum number of times enrolled in any one class.

  • Desire and intent to pursue employment, education or volunteer activities.

  • Ability to participate fully given the academic requirements of the classes.

Readiness and involvement criteria

  1. Do you agree to the purpose, content, activities and outcome products of the classes/services?

  2. Can you demonstrate commitment with consistent class attendance, participation and completion of assignments?

  3. Will you abide by the college’s guidelines for student behavior as described in the student code of conduct agreement?

  4. Can you demonstrate through your communication and behavior, a desire to make changes, internal or external, in your life?

  5. Can you demonstrate through communication and behavior that you value productive activity as an important part of your life?

  6. Can you demonstrate through communication and behavior recognition that your disability may impact productive capacities?

Can you demonstrate through communication and behavior a willingness to develop skills; strategies etc. that will help you overcome any existing barriers to be able to pursue educational, vocational or volunteer roles in the community?

Call 509-279-6033 or 509-279-6055 or email for more information about SEER.