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We provide international students the opportunity to live with an American family

Homestay family sitting around a table playing games
  • Experience family living in the U.S.
  • Establish relationships with Americans
  • Increase proficiency in English

Each Homestay family has successfully completed an application form, home inspection, personal interview and background check. Every effort is made to match students with the family most appropriate for them. Our Homestay Program is managed on-campus and the college receives no Homestay funds except the student’s initial application fee.

Social and Family Interaction

Homestay families encourage interaction and invite students to join them in occasional family activities. Homestay is not simply a room and board arrangement. Homestay families are respectful of your religious or nonreligious beliefs, culture and values. Students are expected to be respectful toward them as well. Although a mutual exchange of ideas, beliefs and values is encouraged, no one will pressure students to adopt their beliefs and values.

Homestay Fees

Minor Placement Fee: $300
Adult Placement Fee: $200
Security Deposit: $400

Adult Full Homestay [Room and Food]: $850 per month
Adult Shared Homestay [Room only]: $500 per month
Minor Full Homestay [Room and Food]: $900 per month
Fees include all utilities and internet use
Adult = Age 18 and older
Minor = Under 18 years

Contact Us

Global Education Homestay Program

3410 W Whistalks Way | MS 3011
Spokane WA 99224-5288


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